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1961 Dodge Truck

The 1961 Dodge Trucks saw a complete re-enginering in both style and performance. Codenamed the "R" pickup, the 1961 Dodge Truck featured upgraded styling, more powerful standard engines, higher load capacities and a good deal of interior comforts in comparison to the trucks they replaced. The exterior of the 1961 Dodge Truck can be described as nothing less than impressive. The 1961 Sweptline pickups featured a long bodyline that extended from front to rear. Also, the front bed edges overlapped the rear of the cab which gave an appearance of a unibody look. The front end of the '61 Dodge Truck looked tough, and stylish. With four headlights, a full width hood and fancy slotted aluminium grille. The 1961 Dodge Truck blended style, function and comfort. The new cabs were called, "Drivemasters" and included a huge wraparound front windshield and could be had with either full or half sized rear windows.

Inside the cab, the bench seat was 60 inches long and easily provided enough room for three passengers. The new 1961 cabs were also wider and sat lower on the frame which allowed for easier access for driver and passengers. Instrumentation cluster consisted of a gauge panel mounted on a dash pod aimed directly at the driver. All of the '61 trucks switches and controls were designated with single block letters and were spread out along the lower portions of the dash. Each side of the cab had fresh air vents operated with push-pull type controls.

Mechanical advantages such as the new Dodge alternator, a drop center frame, and the heavy-duty new process A745 transmission were incorporated into the new for 1961 Sweptline Pick-Up Trucks. Also in this year, the slant six replaced the trusty L-Head six that had powered so many of the previous Dodge Trucks.

1961 was a first for the availability of a crew cab truck by Dodge. The 1961 and 1962 versions of this quad-cab truck were custom built by conversion companies outside of Chrysler. Mounted upon a 146 inch wheelbase, these pick-ups allowed for a total of up to six passengers. They could be had with the same engines and options as the other 1961 trucks, and were available for D-100 to D-700 trucks as well as any Power Wagon configuration. This was true for all Sweptline Era Crew Cab trucks produced until 1963. In '63 Dodge began to produce them at their factories. From 1963 onwards, all crew cab pickups were available in the 3/4 ton version only.

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