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1963 Dodge Truck

1963_dodge_truckDodge continued to roll out improvements in 1963... The Loadflight 1963 Dodge Truck transmissions recieved a more efficient oil cooler. Seats in the 1963 Dodge Trucks were re-designed to offer more comfort and longer wear. The cab seats for both custom and standard 1963 trucks were given the treatment of full-depth foam cushioning. Appearance was identical to the 1962 models.


Paint colors also remained the same in 1963. The Crew-cabs were introduced mid-way through the year on a 146-in wheelbase. The six-passenger crew-cabs were available as a 3/4 ton truck with the 6.5 ft. Utiline or Sweptline bed. Dodge put a lot of effort into the crew-cab trucks. They were even offered as medium tonnage models in the D400 through D700 class.

Dodge had it's best year since 1952 with the 1963 Dodge Truck line. Sales were up over 15.5%. Their sales increased at the dealerships over 35%! Exports and government sales were large with the wide selection of crew-cab trucks offered in 1963.


1963 Dodge Truck Photos

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