About Us...


Many fans of this era of Dodge pickups are left wondering about the details associated with their Sweptline era trucks. Unfortuneately, there is limited information about these trucks readily available.


Long story short, we decided to create a website which looked closely at the Sweptline era trucks, 1961 - 1971 model years.


And, so finally here we are. The Swepline Truck Website. We hope that it will keep growing over the months and years ahead. We have plenty of ideas for the Sweptline Truck site. But, that said, we would like to hear from you too!


So, throughout the site we have included comment forms for you to post your ideas about how to improve the site as it keeps growing.


Too many times web-sites are something more of a one way conversation. Hopefully through the use of the comment forms our site will grow to become a solid resource to all those who stumble upon these unique Sweptline era trucks.


Welcome to the site - we hope you enjoy what we have here!


The Swepline Truck Web-team,

Karl, Phil and Jim